Hit Play on Happi's EP - "BAHIF" (Boy And His Imaginary Friend)

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Recording artist, songwriter and producer, Happi, dropped his latest EP BAHIF (Boy And His Imaginary Friend) and it's a self-labeled Urban Pop body of work looking for a regrouping of faith, inwards and outwards.

The six-track EP is ripe with aqueous vocals and melodically equal verses and choruses that help deliver Happi's stories of finding himself and his purpose. His sheer optimistic arch in the EP is a journey in and of itself. BAHIF's production (co-produced by Happi & Komenz) maintains mucky and/or dense drums and bass. Their occasional backing of acoustic/electric guitar chords and riffs open these gashes of honesty and vulnerability, extraordinarily transparent on the lovely 10 Feet Tall (my favorite record). The music plays like a longing for comfort from the hurt, something that feels like what you'd get from your mom as a boy.

Many of the songs have a syrup snap tempo, assisting in the Southside artist's sit on a stool intimacy in his performance. For six emotional tracks there exists a peace in how Happi reached this point of epiphany. His lyrics hold his innocence and imagination to the mirror. The music is subtle, yet catchy. You would be missing out if you didn't give BAHIF a thorough listen, because the payoff of emotions in hearing Happi's closing song Forever is worth it: the percussion in overdrive, the harmonies from the adlibs -- it will leave you in a happier state compared to when you hit play on the introduction.

Listen to BAHIF (Boy And His Imaginary Friend) below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com