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Victor!'s "U Got My" Catches Up To Him Outside of The Bedroom

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The Internet's most adorable pop artist, Victor!, has journeyed beyond the bedroom for a while now. But his latest U Got My is the first release to be undeniably sick of that four wall confinement.

Victor!'s self-produced tune is under new geographical influence and it shows in the song's sunnier disposition masking Vic's perturbed falsetto during the chorus and lyrics revealed in an ass-kicking tone. UGM's production peels the curtain back on standoffish chord loops and a pestering, paved drum loop that hits like the anti-pop to Victor!'s vocals, although the synthetic greatness of those drums is the crux of U Got My's boyish bounce that can only come from a pop space in music.

The Virgo artist's sickly melody on the verses is victim to remembrance, his pressed vocals practically sound love addicted and in his sobering act of trying to get past his last love, he keeps an open line to temptation just in case. Victor …

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