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Watch Akhil Sesh's Foray Into Abruptness on "Roll It Up"

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The larger you get, the bigger the target on your back. Roll It Up's unsuspected target Akhil Sesh is thrust in that reality in a fatal way for his day-spoiling visuals.

Sesh's Trapsolutely-directed video rolls the narrative of staying prepared, even through the monotony of your day, which can be killed by the unexpected. And perhaps a larger idea of paranoia.

The ambush on the Cobain Cartier artist and the fight for his life this video becomes traces me back to Method Man's opening line on Dirty Mef: "Expect the unexpected, motherf**ker." Roll It Up reads like a warning. The contained visuals don't give you a second to escape. Sesh's blunt and soda to award him comfort for the day doesn't work, acting against Akhil's melodic narcotized vocals and hyperbole in his lyrics. And through it all, we're gonna see who is really about it and how it will play out.

Watch Roll It Up below.

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