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Victor Internet Volunteers As Our Camp Counselor w/ "SUMMERFIRE"

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Our little, but sweet Internet community that purely wants to be positive and enjoy good music has hired a new camp counselor who practically invented the job at this point.

Victor Internet has gathered us all around his virtual fire to expose the one within him on the farouche loosie, SUMMERFIRE. SF plucks a woodsy guitar sample that is all plantigrade riff and grating drums to build a warming, communal atmosphere smoking up the song. Clogging SummerFire's background noise with shifty, burning log sounds, bird chips and light chain percussion washes this spur of the moment soundscape with considerate richness, not to mention the Zelda-esque woodwind chord progression making the experience sound and feel adventurous. Internet's production opens a space for a story to be told and he uses the chance.

Victor's slight chipmunk worked vocals run akin to fellow artist and friend Omar Apollo's Unbothered in the stretches of their harmonizin…

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