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Spend Your Time w/ "BOYFRIEND/WASTEMYTIME" by Calvin Holmes

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Marry me to the song fornicating with banger idiosyncrasies that identifies as the genre neutral track it is...because I want to hear more of that straightaway.

Calvin Holmes' track overdosing on love and reciprocation, Boyfriend/WasteMyTime, is some of the most ambrosial sounds I've heard in a long time. The double feature ballad plays on melodies gravid with attachment in two separate forms.

Boyfriend ushers in green guitar chords (by Brooke Skye/Victor) and eases the heart of the song down to a locked gaze between hazel and greenish-blue eyes. Holmes' ticky-tacky 808s chips away at the time these two have together. But those pop-in drums (in particular the lift of his hi-hats) keep the time at an exciting pulse, not to mention Calvin's nonchalant cadence throughout his verse of commitment that really exemplifies the type of boyfriend he will be if the addictive, loverboy chorus didn't tip you off. And my goodness, to lead off …

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