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Song of the Week: Days Away - "Not My Girl"

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San Marcos, Texas artist, Days Away has a self-titled project floating around the Internet and I've tossed many days away listening to the project. But the third track of the EP's five, Not My Girl, is the gem I dug out from a plentiful bunch.

Days Away's Not My Girl is like being trapped in a Nintendo game where you collect broken hearts in the hopes of collecting enough to repair them. NMG opens with this sick chord progression, sounding nasally and distorted. Away's effervescent, drowning-themed drums and whippy synth insulate a desire to dance at your own pity party. The sound is so pop but the translation is that of disappointment. You can't help but soak up what the production is leaking.

Days' lyrics of a fling, who was possibly more than that, and eurhythmic vocals practically share the same melody and rhythm. But more impressively, they haul waves of impulse, restraint and infatuation into the song to the point of …

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