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Happy Born Day, Ric Wilson! Stream His EP "Negrow Disco" in Celebration

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Today is Ric Wilson's birthday (Happy Born Day, Ric!). But the Chicago artist is the one gifting us with his sophomore EP, Negrow Disco.

The EP fully inspired by the Black, Latino and LGBTQ disco movement is a clear read of inclusion, celebrating diversity and a call back to an era of complete feeling and expression through and sparked by music -- captained through a Barbershop conversation Wilson had with an OG from his hood. The self-mixed and mastered project finds majority of production under the reigns of Cory Grindberg, with Patrick Pryor and TK stepping in with additional production to create a dance emporium. Wilson channels rapping, modern pop vocals, incredibly infectious vocal rhythms and an overall positive outlook that ultimately inspires.   

Negrow Disco leaves no asses in the seats. The track everybodystay I believe is special. That nougat cluster of sounds has a untamed rhythm in the center of Ric's almost reflective letter…

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