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Become A Hollowed Lover w/ Holladay's "Done Giving Out My Heart (Tremble)" ft. Jasper Bones & VICTOR!

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Yes. May the rise of the hollowed lover with their heart under lock and key be an entire mood.

Artist Holladay's latest emotional tune, Done Giving Out My Heart (Tremble), sounds like it stems from a hurt place suspended in fetal position while acting as a melancholy update of life when going through the motions.

Done Giving Out My Heart's central guitar riff is left bereft of love and affection. The sound of those chords project their bummed out sound on your mood but the sad feels like a necessary stage, especially during the guitar solo/instrumental break. The isolate drums paired with the guitar work together at being alone. The high E's or B's in that solo have a sobbing sound. The mindless bass and snare have a harshness to its sound, almost replicating a rough split of two people. Holladay and Jasper Bones's production set the course for feeling what you may not want to feel. All three, Holladay, Jasper and Victor all rea…

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