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Demo Taped Drops Off A Brightly-Colored Bandage w/ "Momentary" (EP)

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Atlanta cloud surfer never looking to come down, Demo Taped, is lifting people up to his euphoric heights through the power of his sophomore EP Momentary, a body of work permanently tracing the breaks in your heart.

Disguised with Demo's motherly melodies, church-like harmonies as a supporting cast, electronic pin the tail on the donkey framework in the production and preachy chords within the depth of the pulpit, like on the introductory song Insecure, Momentary benefits off of pleasant-sounding production and youthful rhythms to make the feelings and themes of mental health, insecurity, depression, bad habits and masculinity more digestible.

The 5-track EP is Demo Taped's moment on the psychiatrist's couch and he's here to make it fun, fully aware fun can't last forever and once it ends there needs to be a net of his truths to catch you on your downfall. Momentary's song Chemical (Blue) is a prime example of that. Tutti se…

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