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Ric Wilson - "Ponytail" (Prod. by Hurley Mower) Models the Strength in Being an Individualist

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Ric Wilson's strength is in his hair. His security lies within his skin, charging a theme of self-prophetic speech you can't teach. The soul bouncer is again pushing to start a practice around his preaching, a practice I'm down to show up for.

Wilson's newest released single from his forthcoming project, Negrow Disco, is entitled Ponytail and finds itself under the production reigns of Hurley Mower. Mower's production squeakily scrubs any grime off of your confidence. The progeny of The Neptunes sounding synth keys and horns swirl into one wuzzy rhythm. The weighty welt of his kick and dizzy, cartoon halo xylophone riff amplifies out like unrestricted movement. Hurley Mower's beat rides with a bop and an engagement Ric Wilson utilizes to rap/sing his #blackboyjoy and freedom into the world's energy.

Ric's catchy chorus is drenched with self-love and a vocal rhythm. The rhythm of his singing snatches the space of the p…

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