Song of the Week: "Awreddy" by Freeman Young

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Freeman Young is reading like an emotional ass crooner who I believe wields a voice easily capable of being the frontman of a band. His latest song-baby Awreddy already projects like the singer is backed by a complete band. And it's wonderful.

I'm crazy about Freeman's delicately hateful song. Young's breathy vocals complement his aesthetic on the cover art. The way he holds his higher notes in the chorus, the blip of vibrato, vocal tricks and techniques explode due to his exhaustion of still loving someone and hating that he does. His voice convincingly carries past blotchy electric guitar chords and a modest acoustic riff that makes me think about flower fields.

Freeman Young's Awreddy is such a wonderful find. The inflection of his voice has that quality that doesn't make you feel alone in what you're feeling. And with lines like, "Our love is real like white privilege" working as an analogy it was crystal clear that Young isn't just a pretty voice. There are layers to what he wants to say, making Awreddy a can't miss and one I predict most of you will love as much as I do.

Listen to Awreddy below.

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