Derek Pope Has Gold Encrusted Vision on "GoldenEye"

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Derek Pope's latest, self-produced drop GoldenEye draws me back to a ScHoolboy Q line in Brand New Guy: "Biggie and Nas put they ass in a blender/ Sprinkle some 50 and came out this ni**a." However, the ingredients are now hints of Drake and Young Thug's vocal tones/melodies with a sprinkle of Travis Scott's production.

Derek Pope's GoldenEye opens in familiar fashion as Through the Late Night. Manor-echoing chords fill the space of the music. Itchy, percussive dings cover up the cracks before GE drops into a set arrangement for a banger like this. Acrid 808s gets the rhythm bouncing off the bellyache of his bass. Pope's production soundscape feels like you're watching a 21st century masked party from a throne, credit due to those chords of his dark-synth dripping bridge, a section I adore. And the song, I believe, gets colder with his verses.

Derek Pope's melodic, rhythm driven hook shares dark tones with his Ekzakt-assisted (additional mixing/mastering) beat. His lyrics play in my head like looking to hold onto some humanity while consumed around the material, your gold. Because as we should all know, your chaining day changes you. Derek Pope is drilling the idea of gold encrusted vision. GoldenEye is a heater. And the Jean-Michel Basquiat centered cover gives you something astonishing to look at. A good situation to find yourself in.

Listen to GoldenEye below.

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