Watch Ric Wilson's Wave in Full View w/ "Hang Loose"

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The deal was 250 retweets to get the Hang Loose video to drop. We got it there. Ric Wilson delivered. And the all-style visuals embedded a new vibrancy in the music through the sheer power of great company, courtesy of Wilson's bandmates and "bef friend" respectively.

Ric is swimming in his city's energy, quite literally, and in an intriguingly impossible manner. Arial shots, slow-mo jam sessions, silly bubble effects, aberrant positions, funky dancing -- all utilized via self-directing to convey how loose, for lack of a better word, everyone is living. If the Chicago artist's wave had a look, it would be full of lounging on rooftops and hummin', I mean hanging, in the sun.

Hang Loose rolls with a "be who you are and style on 'em" attitude. Ric's video had me riding on a full tank of that energy for the remainder of my day. I hope y'all pick up on those waves as well.

Watch Hang Loose below.

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