Watch Akhil Sesh's Place of Catharsis in "THERAPY"

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Coming directly off the heat of Extravagance, Akhil Sesh returns with a visual Ki Blast entitled THERAPY to pay it forward to music. Or in other words, its his therapy.

The Trapsolutely-directed video takes us to a church-turned-studio where instead of finding confession booths and remorseful sinners, we find melodic choruses and dark synth chords scoring Sesh's moment to let go courtesy of the music. The quick cuts don't hold back on letting us know the isolation of the setting or how truly charged Akhil Sesh is merely by the room of musical equipment. He rides his energy by vibing to his own knack for melody.

THERAPY is a mini banger with energy I know like the back of my hand. Music is the most cathartic force I've ever known. The Detroit artist shows what catharsis looks like in his world and it merely becomes another therapy exercise, so to speak, in mine.

Watch THERAPY below.

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