Look-On to Solace's State of Bliss in "No More"

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What already feels like a filled position of the protected little sister of Milky Wayv, artist/producer, overall roster newcomer Solace wholeheartedly breathes her stage name as she canaries body and soul liberation in her M4RZ-directed visuals No More.

The indie folk-natured song is peacefully one with nature, with a video able to completely match the delicate tones of the vocals and the spirit of the naked production. M4RZ's muted, grainy complexion of the video presents a balance to everything, from the flowers to the peach sky and butterfly. I watched feeling like the video had equal importance to a sense of inner peace. The naturalist reveal at the end of the video displays another layer of freedom Solace lives in that would make Raury say "Damn. There you go, sis!"

No More is a film of a girl no longer trying to be something she's not, or rather already denying something she knows she never was. And damn if I don't love this song and video. Solace and M4RZ were a perfect match waiting to happen. I'm glad it did. I'm curious if y'all will reach a similar opinion.

Watch No More below.

Lead Photo Cred: twitter.com