Don't Sleep Any Longer: Listen to LOE - "Sweet Baby" (Prod. by ASADVS)

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A singer with congenial, old-soul washing vocals? Check. A cochlea hitting drone as the key of the production from ASADVS? Check. Artist LOE has everything she needs on her latest cut Sweet Baby to build her own 2D plane of vibes, space and emotions.

Sweet Baby makes me ask what came first, the music or the cover art? LOE's energy titillating vocals hit over the head with a vocal echo that expands her sonic universe. The Houston artist's mid-frequency voice and slurry pronunciation of love-lost lyrics furthers the existing gap between LOE and the subject of the track. The lyrics put me in a position to just observe and the production locks me in my seat.

ASADVS' beat is a strange one. Synth chords and keys set to stun work in a mirroring way as the effect attached to LOE's vocals. Muddy tempo 808s and sinkhole drums chills the entire track out and is the precise reason Sweet Baby catches its vibe so quickly. The music is free and easy. A nice fit in the rotation of the nighttime playlist.

Listen to Sweet Baby below.

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