Cozy Up w/ "ugotme" by Omar Apollo All Summer Long

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The electric guitar in my opinion is unequivocally the most attractive musical instrument of all time. From sonics to overall design, the (typically) six-string instrument croons its own language in chic fashion. And yet another artist/guitarist got behind the strings to make it look sexy.

The uber talented Omar Apollo's newest summer release, ugotme, takes the tenderness of lips when kissing and infuses it into his vocals. Ugotme transfers the electricity generated by making out right into Apollo's chords and changes, with those chords and changes right before the winsome bend being my favorite sequence of the entire song. Apollo's riff takes the song through the entire course of the day. The two-minute song's singular rhythm keeping 808 ticks a rear-view loneliness. Mannysweatpants' bass drum has an anxious thump, while the drums overall sound stripped-down to show the bare meat of this love. And there is nothing more satisfying than receiving that idea or feeling through instrumentation.

The instrumentation, as special as it is, couldn't hit in the manner it does without Omar Apollo's romantically-winded vocals. Omar uses a slew of vocal tricks to convey overwhelming feelings as clearly as possible, from his declaring falsetto to harmonizing on ad-libs that exposes the deep cuts of this love hold.

If you could look at a song through heart eyes, I'm looking at ugotme in that way. Omar Apollo is crazy good at love songs and this song is definitely no different.

Cozy up with ugotme below.

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