The WHOevers' Je$$e Steps Out w/ His Cut "Shotgun"

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It is always interesting when someone steps out from their duo or group to drop a solo effort. I become forever curious about getting that closer listen into what that person does until I have that 'A ha! That's who they are and that's where they fit in' moment. And that's what I get from the WHOevers' Je$$e with his loosie Shotgun.

Shotgun wastes no time darkening and exciting the vibe with the shades drawn through the molasses tempo as he spouts vocal ruminations about what he's doing emotionally to this girl in the context of the type of relationship they have. The track squares off with a ripply, pointy chord progression with delay. The sound becomes conjoined with a clothed bass drum, a chatty recorder/woodwind whistle and a loose stringed synth holding its own melody and rhythm. Shotgun's production sounds like a desire to be alone for the benefit of others but wanting human contact, even if it's meaningless. The music molds a nice pocket for Je$$e to sing context for filler of said mold.

The other half of the WHOevers sings like how it looks when someone stares aimlessly out a window. His doggish hook, of great catchiness, vocalizes his path of nowhere with empty encounters with women. His vocals range from explanatory to an escapist vibe. The vibrato in his very melodic moments, the soft tones he keeps his voice at as if it's the early morning, sound damn good. His singing methods bring sympathy to the music. Je$$e also has a flow to the way he sings, leaving a smoothness in his verse.

Shotgun is a cool solo effort that puts what Je$$e does in the forefront. I think y'all will get a kick out of this one to vibe to. I know I did.

Listen to Shotgun below.

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