Give Ymtk - "Undivided" (Prod. by Ekzakt & Wax Roof) an Uninterrupted Listen

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A true director of vibes, Ymtk, is singing directly where your emotions accurately live -- in your brain.

Ymtk's Undivided, a slice from the trio of songs from the first vol. of his #ZeekyMinaj series, is my standout track that under no circumstances should be given time to get lost now nor in the coming weeks.

The plastic beach vibing track is produced and co-produced by Ekzakt and Wax Roof, respectively and as expected. Their production inflates a fleeting scene of wafting chords with bird-mimicking reverb that evens out the tones so the sliding door pitched keys over them duet, so to speak. Then the beat drops revealing a plastic beach that doesn't feel so plastic anymore, with a sandy percussion breathing the air of the song. Undivided's bass serves a beach net wobble to the sound. The synth pattern offers a wandering rhythm I couldn't help but follow, while the production creates a world for Ymtk to get lost in, striking the same vein as his singing.

Ymtk's brain occupied, ideal love scenario is caught somewhere between what he wants and what he wants it to be. Pan Man sings hypothetically, vocalizing the patience, focus and the magnet attraction for a consuming love and an affection that deserves to be there -- all evident in his inflection and in his melody. I prize the way his voice subtly trails off into hiding inside the bass and synth at the end of lines in the verse, as if that's how snuggled up he wants to be with her, pending her undivided attention.

The lyrics to Undivided lay the entire beach day out for all to hear, especially in the hook. So sit back, relax and give this song an uninterrupted listen.

Listen to Undivided below.

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