Soft Glas - "40 In April" is the Calm to Prevent the Storm

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As Soft Glas works on the forthcoming Orange Earth, the artist's Friday anxiety has manifested into Valium of the ear. His latest track 40 In April plays beyond a vibe, his instrumentation serene, keeping you aloft the entire duration.

Soft's main section, leisurely in tempo, is 'see the back of your eyelids to see the sounds' music. Lightly lifting drums into hop-skip snare rolls is acting leader of the music. His frothy bassline is heavily inspired by the stunning one in The Beatles' Don't Let Me Down, amplifying for that same 'I've got your hand' support. His dog days chord jabbing evokes memory that what you're feeling is simply a blip in a sky of emotions. And the electricity from his latter surfacing chords are a la Gary Clark Jr. - The Night Me and Your Mama Met distortion. From Glas' vibrato to the chord changes, 40 in April's sound has something terrifying behind it, all the while distant keyboard chord progressions and stalled chord hints frame a control around his main section.

40 In April is a beauty of an instrumental. Soft Glas' music speaks like cotton edges, acting as my calm to prevent a storm. I hope y'all can hear that same effect.

Listen to 40 In April below.

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