Smash The Play Button on Kintaro - "Like Me"

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If you haven't been paying attention to Jameel "Kintaro" Bruner's unofficial "smash the link" campaign on Twitter for his latest song Like Me, I'm here to be a staunch advocate of smashing the play button below once the words end.

Like Me, musically, still wears Ice Creams and oversized T's. Open buttoned-up shirt falsetto is the name of the game for Kintaro's vocals. The lyrics have Mike Jones - Back Then tendencies with a Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine sentiment, in no way sounding like either song. The vocals get me hype with a mimicking rhythmic bounce like the one Childish Gambino does in the Freaks and Geeks video around his line "I'm dominant, ni**as call me fa**ot cause they closeted."

Bruner's production is that ghost ride reckless. A subwoofer-tailored bass shakes apart the track. Shuffling 808s and marble cracking kicks dap jammed star dust keys, all meshing to be sounds that feel like a lit, rowdy get together with your people. The beat rides reminiscent of early 2000's hip-hop tracks. Like Me just goes hard. And that's fire enough for me.

Listen to Like Me below.

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