Ric Wilson & His Bandmates Let it Fly on "Hang Loose" w/ Chuck D

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Today Ric Wilson's roots in music, in particular hip-hop, have gone deeper than most artists have been able to go.

The artist living on the Blk & Brown side of Chicago scored a legendary intro from the substantially more legendary Chuck D for his single, Hang Loose. The live shoutout from Chuck D to follow Ric came with Chuck's unmovable vibrato that amplifies like news, setting up this Hye Sung-produced jam to be a wave to readily embrace.

Disco samples, disco-inspired tracks in general, are usually underrated. Hang Loose more than bounces, the music reflects off the disco ball while flipping on the dance floor as a casualty. Hye Sung's four-on-the-floor styled drums elevate all other sound components and feelings. The cymbol skid of his percussion nearly blends with the kit. Warped keys and chords with cuter ditsy keyboard improvisation underneath creates spurts of sound waves loosening the order of Hang Loose. Sung's beat translates as a night of great chance. Ric Wilson and his bandmates Sam Veren and Lucas G don't miss that chance, hitting every beat up right for their night on the town.

Ric's chorus and verse is nothing short of great rhythm inclusive of an inviting atmosphere. His loquacious verse picks Chicago as its topic, building up the entire energy of the city. Wilson even goes as far as to reference Chi-Town artist Hebru Brantley. Sam Veren's trumpet solo is short pursed lipped poetry. Something about his horns expressions toots the culture of their city. Lucas G's guitar solo reminds me of the elongated chords from the solo in Domo Genesis' Dapper. Similar moods are set by different chords. I can hear the magic they feel for their city.

"I don't chase the waves, I just make the waves." Ric Wilson is currently riding his own wave. Riding comes with levels of celebration about as infectious as his chorus. Hang Loose is that listen. I haven't even remotely begun to shake the bounce.

Listen to Hang Loose below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com