Let Jonti's Sonic Refreshment "Rain" Wash Over You

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Goodness gracious...the new Jonti joint, Rain, is the cooling refreshment my ears needed. I want to hear this song in as many ways as I can -- as a secret intimate show, while walking, even right before bed. It's because I'm intrigued at how the music rides, about the construction of the production and Jonti's night-wind vocals.

Rain opens with practicing musical notes prancing on the piano along with a small stumbling chord progression that faintly exists before the takeover of Jonti's sampled progression from Pastor T.L. Barrett's Father Stretch My Hands. The mimicking choir hymns sample bastes a glossy glisten on the production's presentation. His drum kit is froggy -- the non-variable snare rolls, pop-pop toms, brushed cymbals and tire bass harbor an incredibly easy find rhythm. The production is such a good flip. The chop work gives the Scrood artist's vocals a fascinating aura to live in.

Jonti's vocals don't shy from the power of acoustics and harmonizing. When I hear his vocals, I see the background of Rain's cover art. From the pitch to the delivery of the lyrics, his voice is practically vapor and has a movement of free form, never bound to anything in the verse and chorus.

I can't stop listening to Rain. Jonti's music in this particular instance truly does feel like it washes over you. So if you didn't know by now, this is a good one to kick off your day.

Listen to Rain below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com