He Had Time...Listen to Phantom Thrett - "Today i had (time)"

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Phantom Thrett dropped some light work, but still ended up a heavy hitter of the day.

His latest loose cut, Today i had (time), is about as lucid as you can get in the thick of your dreaming.

Phantom lyrically pens his own dream book, emphasizing his endless pursuit. His lethargic cadence and chopped patterned flow go hand in hand, verbalizing out like a dissociation with a minor leaking desire for the future. Thrett's relaxed combos of metaphors and wordy rhyming add to his realistically unrealistic set piece. His line "The tightrope walking Fred Astaire" isn't just my favorite line, instead a self-applied metaphor I think is the last step just before braggadocios. When heard, there is a confidence to pull off the impossible deemed by your predecessors, in this case the O.G.'s of rap. Of course, all these points wouldn't be able to land without the production.

This Krikit Boi-produced quickie is in-tune with the raps from the jump. Adrift-sounding chord progressions (with notes in between) is the focal of my ear. The tones soften Krikit's marble-to-wood kicks and lippy bass. The production is calm enough to push Phantom Thrett's rapping in front of it. And it all just makes Today i had (time) a easy ride and a dope listen.

Play Today i had (time) below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com