Fall in Place to The Love on "TWYA" by Eros (Feat. Erva Carter)

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A Milky Wayv artist is among my favorite type of artist. Their camp continues to churn the auditory ear butter -- creating drug after drug of choice in my life long addiction to music. And their latest enabler, Eros, teamed up with fellow Houston vocalist Erva Carter for TWYA (The Way You Are) to deliver us more goods.

Eros' breathy vocals in his verse projects the effect that loving the not-so-perfect side of someone is tiresome, but worthy work. His lyrics list, then toss her dramatic tendencies aside because how he feels eclipses everything and he hopes she can love him the same. There is some flow to Eros' singing that tows the line of rapping, driving his entire point. Erva Carter's doting vocals create memorable melodies atop her responsive-sounding lyrics in her chorus and verse. The vibrato continuity each time she sings is the roller coaster of love. The vocals softly compliment the production. Her soft tones naturally had me fall in place with the love Eros and Erva sing of.       

TWYA is lush right down to the duet by WATT$ and Bobby Earth on the background vocals. However, Earth's production built the entire scene. A popcorn bowl of claw snaps, railroad bells, grounding distorted bass, palmed bongos and a sugary chord progression sounds like the field all other sounds play in. The production has a warm rhythm that speaks like all sides of a relationship. A desire to dance, eat, chill and love together is represented through sounds. I can hear all good sides. TWYA's outro is my highlight of the production. Slimy Moogerfooger electric bass chords (by Eros & Sharif Stallworth) stick together these conflicting personalities Eros and Erva Carter sing about. Ultimately leaving you feeling good by song's end.

Listen to TWYA (The Way You Are) below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com