Akhil Sesh Spills His Dark Heater "Extravagance" (Prod. by Graves & TSRK)

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Akhil Sesh's announcement of Extravagance always seemed like an intriguing one. I imagined the link-up with Graves and TSRK's production would give his bangers a greater bite. I was right.

Sesh's Extravagance feat. Britney Stoney is a step into a more inky sound. The raps and singing are increasingly juiced on auto-tune, sounding like the vocals have their crosshairs on a futuristic noise. Akhil's verse finds itself running with a melodic flow of 10 word rapping, sometimes an off-kilter 11th word with reverb applied to his voice keeping rhythm. Akhil Sesh's sound creates this hollow bowl for everything else to join his bounce. Stoney's hook reminds me of the energy from the opening club scene in Blade before the blood rains. It flows like Sesh, but the lyrics get more druggy and money hungry. Her voice in Extravagance sounds like it stems from hums to words, again opening a bowl but for the beat.

Graves and TSRK's production is the shadow the artists step into. Shaky basement bass rolls in and out of this track in several types of sound. Looping keys play with their own scary tune. "Doom" miming synths cloud the entire track with flying 808s inside of them. And the wooden heartbeat bass and solo reverberation waves once the hook comes in sounds the most club-like.

In short, the beat is dope.

Extravagance is a heater ready for the playlist. I already have it on mine. After a listen I hope you will, too.

Listen to Extravagance below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com