Song of the Week: "Flagrant" by Elujay ft. Ymtk

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The link-up of artists Elujay and Ymtk on Flagrant still resonates as ear pleasure. Nearly a year after the release, I've found more joy in the music today than I have at any point prior.

The Ekzakt-produced track expresses like a kept journal, chronicling a lover's lounge for shmucks insane enough to fall in love and continue to fight for it. The brash and brassy production compliments Elujay's muster to put pain of the past and fight for a future into his lyrics. Underneath a verse of connecting sequences, Elujay uses descriptive words underscoring the importance of this woman and a DJ Khaled "you loyal" inflection in his voice with a base of falsely healed wounds of the heart. Vocally Elujay plays devil's advocate while rhythmically testing the central idea of their relationship.

Ymtk's vocals, in the hook and on his verse, sound like the tenderness of a hopeless romantic. There is a maturity in his verse that reads in touch with his lady's flagrant personality to her fragrance. Ymtk's vocals are sharp and cottony in tandem, creating the sound of her being, as well as letting me hear his treatment of her. It can get rocky, maybe argumentative, but there's always a soft landing. Even how their mothers are treated stirs the pot positively -- a testament to treating any woman right.

Flagrant is a damn good song. A real no-brainier for Song of the Week. Elujay and Ymtk have quickly joined my favorite artists today. And after hearing this, I hope y'all can say the same.

Listen to Flagrant below.

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