Ric Wilson - "Finna" is the Rainbow Play-Doh of Songs

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Chicago artist, Ric Wilson, dropped off the rainbow Play-Doh of songs with his Pyrekt-produced cut entitled Finna. And he's proving that you can mold your own greatness, as well as encourage your homie's greatness instead of dragging each other.

The track, categorized as soul bounce, is the best way to sum up this song. Handstand claps and cartwheeling synths dominate the entire song. Sliding chords and loose diddling keys zap in around, up and down paint bubble blowing trumpets. Pyrekt's production climbs all over the fence. If this was a kid it wouldn't be able to sit still, particularly beside a pool of energy that Ric Wilson jumps into without fear.

Wilson's verse and chorus is only driving with positivity in shotgun. His strong suggestions of alternative paths sit in the mix of a cloudless cadence and 10-word count rhyme pattern with repetition to teach his points. Ric Wilson spits mightily about being a better you, filling the rest of Finna's space with a supportive hook that keeps everything rhythmically on point. The final sauce, when he raps and breaks down false narratives about our black brothers and sisters, denounces mass deportation, mass incarceration and everything else trying to rid black and brown faces. And it doesn't fall on deaf ears. He rhymes right past it with emphasis, sounding like a symbol for not letting these hurdles defeat you. Wilson's gonna go the distance and he wants us to do the same.

I'm a fan of this song and I've become an instant fan of Ric Wilson. Finna sounds good, but above all else it feels good. Music that is on your side is never a bad thing. So let's all be down and bump this track in the process.

Listen to Finna below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com