Watch Eros' Hallucinations Party in His Reality w/ "Lost"

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Houston should start being integrated into the conversation when we're talkin' music and imprints on the culture, because a grip of the talent coming out of there are budding stars, many of which happen to be under the Milky Wayv umbrella (or an affiliate). And, to no surprise, their very own Eros further proves my point with his new M4RZ-directed visuals for Lost.

Lost's visuals send out invitations to get trippy, passes to attend a blitzed party and permission to succumb to a dangerously beautiful mirage. Watching these visuals I felt like an outsider lost in an unfamiliar social space. M4RZ's pink tint applied to most shots evokes an impaired state. Somber Somni (known from his 2SEATER animated music video) features animations of hallucination that bleed into reality so well it invites the double take/rub your eyes effect. The way these little monsters pop up in reality reminds me of Kid Cudi's classic visuals for Day 'N' Nite. They have the same sense of unhinged questioning, only Eros has been induced to envision what he sees.

This video is wild from start to finish. The beautiful Jenn Haralson is a mysterious focal point of the video. Bobby Earth's Theremin buzz creeps everything out, while his drums give you this solo lunge bop. Eros' inamorato stance in his singing sounds full of regret and hope to get back together to help him not feel so lost. The music is good and it rubs with the visuals swimmingly.

Y'all are gonna wanna check this out, Milky Wayv's got another one.

Watch Lost below.

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