Song of the Week: Phony Ppl - "Why iii Love The Moon"

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In only a few words, I would describe my ears current activity as soaking in bohemian soul swept by an undertow of easy-breezy rap.

Phony Ppl's 2015 blended genre cut, Why iii Love The Moon, feels majestic from the pits of all that is pure. The self-produced song sounds birthed straight out the kitchen, quite literally. Their cow bell, pots and pans drums Jiffy Pop an organic neck snap into the music. The ballet-gazing chord progression is the pumping heart of the entire song. Moments when the keys scale amplifies out like a glittery dusting. Phony Ppl's light guitar chords denim overall climb up your back into your shoulders. Why iii Love The Moon's rhythm is a bug I couldn't help but catch.

Elbee Thrie's vocal performance is cosmically observant. His voice sounds particularly moonstruck with an enchanting vibrato that sends off final words in his verse and chorus. In short, Elbee has a lovely voice. Sheriff Pj's verse is the rap, but it is a rap full of self-wonderment and a touch of consciousness in the bars. Why iii Love The Moon feels good and sounds better. The music hits like a mini mind massage.

And we can all use something like that, can't we?

Listen/Watch Why iii Love The Moon below.