Rock w/ Thelonious Martin's Honorary Beat Tape, "A Dozen For Dilla"

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Hip-Hop's drum god, J Dilla, produced himself into a state of immortality in a way that will never be matched or duplicated.

Jay Dee's production style, the incredible sounds he created and his sampling technique is burned into the fabric of phenomenal. So many producers today couldn't replicate or conjure up a real attempt towards the drums of his, he did it all before producing arguably became easier due to technological advancements in drum machines to FL Studios. Nobody had an ear for music like Dilla. But it's a few of today's producers, like Thelonious Martin, who follow the blueprint and give back to the GOAT when it's time to pay homage, like the born day of Dilla for instance.

King Thelonious' honorary beat tape, A Dozen For Dilla, is the coldest way to celebrate who I and many others believe to be hip-hop's greatest producer. So expect beautiful broken beats. Marvel at the interjections of soulful samples, Thelonious' known TV and radio static sample nuggets and J Dilla dialogue. Be ready to burrow into the neck snapping rhythm of the drums. King's Brasil Chop nearly blew my headphones out. House Flip comes with a grimace that was all too permanent when listening to a Jay Dee beat. And none of it would be possible if Dilla Dawg never molded a timeless realm of beats, if he never blew open the standard for production in the culture. These are beats that produce the teary-eyed responses because you hear the lasting legacy.

Thank you, Thelonious Martin. You're keeping the legacy of your biggest influence alive. And in the words of Rakim, "After 12, I'm worse than a Gremlin/ Feed me hip-hop and I start trembling." It ain't 12, but this is as hip-hop as it can get. And this student of hip-hop appreciates it.

Rest In Beats and Happy Born Day, J Dilla.

Oh, and great donut reference with the title. Nice touch.

Listen to A Dozen For Dilla below.

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