Latest Sounds: Pvndo - "Chill"

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Pvndo has dirt crawled his way into playlists, emerging as larva of soul and funk. His track entitled Chill plays like an interlude that sounds like an inspired trim of The Bar-Kays sonic schtick.

Aside from titillating vocals of the word "Chill," transfixed are background ones that pose the question, "Why won't you chill?" The vocals exhale stress. I genuinely feel a release from them. The groovin'? All done courtesy of the instrumental.

Pvndo's production is on schoolyard sonics. His drums and bass operate on a hand clap blanketed foot stomp basis. The snare's moment of bounce brings with it a sheet-draped sound. Pvndo's shingle rhythm and wormy chords are layered underneath said rhythm chords, opening up a moment in the music to get weird and to let it fly. I interpret it as supplying the most fuel to dance.

Chill is a dope interlude-type track. I credit Childish Gambino's outstanding LP Awaken, My Love! for the confident reappearance of sounds like this. He opened the flood gates, brought soul and funk back to black. I hear many more owning that wave and I love it. I have a hunch y'all will, too.

Listen to Chill below.

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