Izzar Thomas - "HMOML" ft. Tim Woods is Summer Ready

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Izzar Thomas, HMOML (Hit Me On My Line) ft. Tim Woods, is a plunge directly into the uncanny -- understood if you've ever spent your last couple of days like I have.

HMOML samples The Hics' thick ripple chords from the tranquil Lines. I've been listening to Lines religiously, leading up to the drop of Izzar's single. So hearing that sample wide shot the song relaxed the track. The addition of Thomas' patting bass drum and barrel kicks has a trampoline party energy. The steady rhythm of his stitching 808s puts a light side-to-side rock in the music. Izzar Thomas' beat is the best of moods stuck in their high, a perfect place to be in reflected through Thomas and Woods' jovial melodies.

HMOML's verses and hook feed into the electricity of moments. Each of Izzar and Tim's flows ride in pattern with the drum, secreting an extra layer of rhythm. The nature of Time Woods' verse is sexual while the nature of Izzar Thomas' verse is partying and functioning as a human invitation. It's catchy as hell. The song opens things up to full bounce right into summer. The track doubles as the perfect track for a Valentine's Day bop to get you and your beloved's day movin' and groovin'.

So after you play this cut, hit someone on their line to tell 'em about it. They'll thank you later.

Listen to HMOML below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com