New Visuals: Victizzle x New Age Muzik - "Do Me"

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Victizzle and New Age Muzik stuffed a party into their song Do Me, so it comes as no surprise the Marika Godwin-shot visuals look like an enticing good time we need to orbit.

Do Me's visuals display a ton of dancing, good energy from good people and shows how all things can go right when a community parties together in peace. The shots looking up at Victizzle and the members of New Age Muzik make the video rub off like they're larger than life when viewed together. I thought about teamwork when I saw the slow-mo basketball scenes, and I thought about the joy of being around your brothers and of course the ladies. The music was party ready and the crew were legitimately partying to it. It just so happened to be caught on film.

I can't think of more accurate visuals for a free-spirited song like this. The track made me wanna party and that's not even my wave. Do Me is a fun listen and an even better watch. So get your red solo cup in hand (RIP Robert Hulseman) and hit play.

Watch the Do Me visuals below.

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