Bobby Earth - "Lazy Daze" ft. Lord Gabe is the Sonic Chill Spot

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If Bobby Earth (the whole Milky Wayv camp in general) doesn't have a massive 2017, we collectively aren't supporting the right music. I try to be an advocate for good music as purely as I can be. Bobby Earth, I can say unequivocally, has good music. And I'm going to support that by leading off with Earth's latest release entitled Lazy Daze, my favorite drop by him to date.

Lazy Daze evokes major N.E.R.D. influences. I love N.E.R.D and listening to Bobby's new cut brings an overwhelming amount of musical connections on my own accord. It's exciting.

Kicking off Lazy Daze is a wobbly bass drum that intros the song into a similar vein like N.E.R.D's hollowed bass drum on You Know What. Out of tune broken spring keys boink into the production next. And what seems to be a trademark in Bobby Earth's production, his beam of murmuring chords with a scratchy reverberation, are soon to follow. Tack on a bite-sized single drum pad crunching about every third measure and you've got a real lethargic sound, especially once Adam DeWalt's horn belts in, awesomely accompanied by very sticky 808s and drum smacks. The sound brings on a feeling of accomplishment through a slow moving day of lounging. Lazy Daze lives in a cool production space to say the least. All made all the more greater by Bobby Earth, Lord Gabe's verse and Peyton's background harmonies.

Bobby Earth sounds in love with the idea of misplaced energy. His chorus is sung very slowly, his "La La's" are soothing lullabies. Bobby's actual voice is drowsy, reflecting a sleepy morning voice. The sound is calming for me. His actual melodies in verse remind me of Robin Thicke's on his classic record Wanna Love You Girl. In hearing that, I thought it took his love for relaxation to a new level. Peyton's background vocals, although at low levels, accentuate all feelings. Lord Gabe's verse is very go with the flow. He raps about the vision and he'll get to the work, just not today. His verse sounds like high talk. Lord Gabe finds Lazy Daze's chill and kicks back to it. All things I can appreciate.

Lazy Daze is as chill as they come. I think this joint shows where the influences put Bobby Earth musically. I'm confident y'all will dig what that sounds like.

Listen to Lazy Daze below.

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