Quelle Chris - "Buddies" is the Anthem Going into 2017!

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Quelle Chris' self-heavy track Buddies is exactly how I need to go into 2017. His song is Quelle Chris having Quelle Chris' best interests at heart. And after hearing Buddies, y'all will get on board with having your back just as fast as I did.

Buddies (prod. by AYEPEE & additional keys by Chris Keys) is a dope comical listen that is good instrumentally. These lyrics from Quelle Chris will be my mantra for the new year, especially his hook. Buddies is a rap letter to Q's best friend, himself. He talk/raps very calmly about someone close to him. The cadence is easy. I immediately feel what he's feeling about himself, about myself. Sometimes a pat on the back is necessary and Quelle gives us that. Lines like "Might bring myself some flowers, I'm in love with myself" is a laugh, but I catch the vibe. Quelle Chris' verses and hook are tossing out vibes. It all just feels nice to settle into.

AYEPEE's beat, on my highlight reel, brings the mirrored cool Quelle's rapping about. His lowdown beat has an 80's 'recon from a car' sound. The lightly patting drums, the shocked hi-hats, his clarinet-sounding horn blips give off an unstable vibrato, mimicking intense close ups of sweaty faces under pressure. The sound is dire while being relaxed. AYPEPEE's tuning bassline is where I hear the heart of the rhythm. I find that pocket to groove there, all the while Chris Keys' looming chords underscore everything, sounding like faint tones. The sound is reminiscent of hearing tests in school. I like it. The tones themselves sound as if they're locked in a distant sting on the loudest elements of the beat, while his glittery keys in moments of scaling to his closing chord progression is a promising sound. It makes me feel good about the now.

Quelle Chris' track Buddies is a very cool listen. I had tons of fun listening to it. I'm curious to find out more about Quelle Chris' music. As it is with most of the artists I write about, this won't be the only time you see him in this space.

Listen to Buddies below.

Lead Photo Cred: soundcloud.com