Serve Yourself a Helping of Your Cousin, Alex's EP - "FIX ME A PLATE"

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Shirley Caesar's "beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes" freestyle might have been Thanksgiving's hottest dish, but I'd rather partake in Your Cousin, Alex's ode to the big dinner, FIX ME A PLATE.

Your Cousin, Alex fills us up with some good leftovers. His 6-track EP FIX ME A PLATE is chilled music layered with humble beginnings. The gravy of FIX ME A PLATE is the production. There is an assortment of producers featured song to song, with Ross Munroe as the only repeating producer  (on both OH$HITWADDUP & Portion). The remaining four songs are beats from Alfonso X, B8TA, Dan Sir Dan, and one of my personal favorite producers today, Contour. Each producer manages to create personalized subway level bucket drums that truly put this tape in the most difficult stages of the grind. There is a reminiscent Stones Throw funk and soul produced quality in the heart of the instrumentals. I hear soft, sometimes playful keys constantly in the background. I feel the ode to the meister Vince Guaraldi and his genius via the piano. I feel an appreciation in the music. And the best part is the beats only take up half the plate.

If the production is the gravy, Your Cousin, Alex's raps gotta be the meat. Alex raps incredibly descriptive throughout the entire project. There are an overload of food lines and references to bring his world to life. The way in which he goes about it reminds me of the first few bars in Earl Sweatshirt's Luper. Earl's line "Ma said, "wake up son, good morning"/ I rolled out of bed, greeted mama with a yawn then paused to scratch an itch an went, down to the kitchen/ Fixed a plate of eggs and bacon, Glass of OJ Simpson." Your Cousin, Alex lays out his days like a timeline in that fashion on FIX ME A PLATE, especially on his cut OH$HITWADDUP. And it all pulls you into his world.

I hope this helped y'all work up a hunger for a tasty sample of this EP. FIX ME A PLATE is a young kid trying to get it, he's ready to eat. I tried what he cooked and I like it. The Charlie Brown replicated cover art is a nice touch and alone should serve as your invite to the table. Now it's time to make your plate and dig in. 

Bon App├ętit

Listen to FIX ME A PLATE in full below.

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