Thank You Josef Leimberg! "Interstellar Universe" is an Amazing Piece of Music

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There is only one way to slice Josef Leimberg's remarkable joint Interstellar Universe -- fantastic voyaging jazz.

Many may be familiar with Josef Leimberg's awesome work alongside Terrace Martin, Thundercat, Sounwave and bevy of other great musicians and producers on Kendrick Lamar's classic LP To Pimp A Butterfly, most notably for the game-changing cut, Mortal Man. And this man, Josef Leimberg, in my opinion is a major key behind why that was.

I immediately picked up on the similarities in Interstellar Universe in Mortal Man. The introductory harmonizing is hummed in similar breath as the hums that kick off Mortal Man. I fell into the same magical smokiness Mortal Man gave me, only this time there's a deeper scope into the stars. My musical ear also marveled at Interstellar Universe's saxophone ripping away in this track, a saxophone that I had a feeling was played by Kamasi Washington. There's an unforgettable sound to his Tenor. The plateau of the pitch gave me that pursed face. I heard the passion in the whines and cries of the sax. The vibrato squeaked out was pure music to my ears. I felt the auditory pleasure in the music. I became comfortable in this artificial Jazz/Fusion eden the music helped me build. It was beautiful. Josef Leimberg only shoots all these sounds and flavors into orbit with the outstanding trumpet performance.

Leimberg is a very good trumpeter. His horn is exciting. The notes have quick blasts and booms to them, before climbing back down to a very zooty, vibrating, improvised sound with a whole ton of swing. It was the sonic glue to this piece of music. The notes -- gorgeously stretched, awakening all kinds of emotions in the music. During the belts of his trumpet, I heard the vibrancy of the kick and snare conversation in complete swing grow exponentially in emphasis. The sprite groove is a get off your feet and move motivator. The floating pedal mimicking chord progression beneath everything is lovely. The sound is so light and marries with the harmonizing so well it almost sounds heavenly. There's an ascending attribute to the sound. I can't shake it. I can't escape the enchantment brought on from the twinkle in his tambourine and chimes.  

And I wouldn't want to.

Josef Leimberg's Interstellar Universe is an outstanding piece of music. The arrangements should be admired. These sounds spill passion. Interstellar Universe is rich music you hope will never end. This song helped me better understand the musical purview To Pimp A Butterfly embraced, displaying a unique sound as well. Interstellar Universe is instrumentation artistry I can't love enough as a fan of music. 

Looking into my musical heart of hearts, and having a platform to convey my opinions, this is progressive in today's jazz instrumentation. These sounds can easily be composed to fit a hip hop criteria -- as we've heard on TPAB. I can't wait for Josef Leimberg's debut album Astral Progressions (Oct. 7). It's going to be something special.

But for now, I thank Josef Leimberg for this masterpiece.

Listen to Interstellar Universe below (via Alpha Pup).

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