Song of the Week: "Aqua TV Show Show Intro" Composed By Flying Lotus(Captain Murphy) & Thundercat

There are a lot of good beats and cool producers out there, but there are very few elite producers. Particularly when it comes to producer team-ups that succeed at cementing their place in music. Flying Lotus and Thundercat are prime examples of those few.

After missing Song of the Week last week, I had to come with something beyond dope musically. And Aqua TV Show Show's opening theme was the first piece of music that came to mind. I don't think I've played back anything more times than this opening. For 45 seconds, FlyLo and Thundercat's production on this is crisper than pretty much the majority of all producers I come across today. Lotus' sampled Here Comes The Meter Man drums hit as one of the nastiest drum breaks. The Nu jazzy twisted snare hits are tight and have so much force, yet manage to retain a true-blue 70's-flare to them. The cymbol brings in the right amount of action and groove. The deep plucks from the bass raise the stakes in the song. The glissando of those keys were beautiful which alone chime with so much mysticism to them. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was the pinnacle sound for the theme song to adopt the experimental feel and sound. The song was completely unforeseeable just like the show. It fit perfectly. And Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus) doing a quick spit about the show with Frylock, Master Shake and Meatwad is classic. I enjoyed every second when I first saw this and I'm still enjoying it.

This was by far the best opening the show ever had. The music had the ability of casting me in the show, which goes to show you the genius of Flying Lotus and Thundercat. Those 45 seconds were better than a lot of people's entire career. I only wish it was longer.

Listen to the Aqua TV Show Show theme song below.

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