Jakob Campbell Kicks in the Doors to Overcoming on "Losing It"

Keep your ear to the ground, and you just might stumble upon some really dope music. And if I think it's dope music, it will always find a spot on my blog. The music always has someone like me who appreciates it. This nugget of knowledge brings me to one of the few actually nice rhymers coming out of Colorado, Jakob Campbell.

Apparently, one of his latest releases is a Fvck Productions (who directed the video for Losing It) but I'm not here for the video. Because that's not what impressed me. What truly caught my ear, my attention, was the song. Losing It showed me an artist that understands that flow is king. Losing It has this drum break with backing angelic vocals ready to lift you to heaven, that in my opinion made the song have an entire feeling of being on its last leg. The beat alone manifested for me the adversity being faced and to never give up to prove something to myself over anyone else . The drum break is what played the pivotal role in my thinking, gaining access to my train of thought about the song by way of the drum break's duet with Jakob Campbell's flow. I heard a certain type of unity between the two that elevated the life examination he put himself through to bring the listener into his reality. It was dope. Campbell really has a meaningful story to tell on this track with a grudge on his shoulder that can't be ignored or unappreciated. I, for one, do. I appreciate how nicely executed his flow and message is here, also for the music. Losing It is definitely finding its way into my daily rotation of songs. So I advise all y'all to check this dude out. If not for the music, for the message.

Watch the visuals for Losing It below.

Lead Photo Cred: swidlife.com