Kendrick Lamar Keeps Raising the Bar With the "For Free?-Interlude" Video


Kendrick Lamar dropped a video for the "For Free?-Interlude" off his album "To Pimp A Butterfly"  today and it's marvelous.

The video really plays up the Gospel and strong Jazz elements, making the already existent poetic presence in the song more powerful. The visuals exhibit stereotypes and racist caricatures about black people throughout the house and shows the lifestyle of people who have been pimped by America. To me Kendrick represents the truth about black people and America. He is telling her (and us) that we're more than that. The woman in the video is running from that truth. She doesn't want to face that reality because that lifestyle she's living is so lavish she would do anything to live it. Even at the expense of being pimped. The truth ends up being all around her, which would explain why there are multiple Kendrick's that pop up at the end of the video.

The extreme energetic feel is captured flawlessly throughout this Joe Weil & The Little Homies-directed video. Kendrick Lamar always brings it with his music and his videos always manifest his message completely. Kendrick Lamar always pushes the culture forward because he is unafraid to be truthful and meaningful. This effortlessly and proudly falls into that same lane and I absolutely love it.

You can check out the video below.

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