Janet Jackson and J.Cole Collab on Her Song "No Sleeep"


A remix to Janet Jackson's "No Sleeep" just dropped with J. Cole laying a verse down on the queen's song.

I think having J. Cole on the remix was the most appropriate choice. His verse has this maturity and intelligence about love which enhances the emotional experience of the song. Janet and Cole are feeding off of each other throughout the track. Moments like this are very beneficial for music. A bridge is built to Janet Jackson for the new generation and you see J. Cole's versatility. It can bridge an older generation to modern hip-hop. This isn't a collab I could have fathomed happening, but I'm glad it did. Maybe there will be more collabs down the line. We can only hope.

You can check out the video below.

Lead Photo Cred: vibe.com

(Video Cred: YouTube.com)